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Pcconsultancy have completed many temporary network installations for varied clients over the past eight years. These have been generally based at hotels such as The Grand, Harrogate, The Ramada at Heathrow, the Marriott at Bristol, and The Grand Brighton. We have also completed conference cabling for Tomorrows World at Earls Court, The Personal Computing Show at Olympia, and IBM at their own training centre in Basingstoke, as well as many more.

Unfortunately the provision of conference cabling is not a very glamorous job. Essentially it is the provision of network cable and WiFi facilitating the connection of Personal Computers, creating a network. The cable is 'fixed' using 'gaffer' tape and temporary staples, providing safe and error free medium for networking. After the cables have been fixed, terminated and tested, we provide suitable hubs, routers and WiFi, as well as any other networking expertise that may be required. At the end of the conference our cable engineers remove all trace of the cabling, and repack as required.

As an addition to the basic cable infrastructure we can provide rental PCs of any configuration, Hi Res projectors and screens, printers, PA equipment, lighting, custom staging and transportation.

If you have an interest in any of these services, or would like to discuss your specific requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@pcconsultancy.com.

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