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Networking is one of our specialist subjects at pcconsultancy. Having been involved with British Airways in the early 1980's and connecting their partner travel agents using RS232 cabling and asynchronous modems, networking has come a long way since then. At pcconsultancy we have experience with LAN transmission mediums such as 10Base-2 thin Ethernet, 10/100/1000 Base-T CAT5(E)/6, fibre, serial, radio and LOS Laser. Radio networking has now evolved into the very specialist area of WiFi which we have grown into our sister company XWLAN.com. For all your specialist WiFi networking needs please visit www.XWLAN.com. For WAN connectivity we have used fixed wire/fibre, leased line, dial-up including ADSL/SDSL, and infra red laser! We also provide all the necessary hubs, routers, switches and firewalls to tie all of the 'string' together. Some of our WANs cover large portions of Europe and often link to the US. Recent projects include IP tunnelling and VPN connectivity.

If you would like to chat about networking please email us on.

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