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October 2006 - Pcconsultancy complete RSMB Oracle 10 server project. (see PDF for more info.)

November 2006 - Pcconsultancy complete first batch of 60 of 500 PC builds for Westwood.

November 2006 - Pcconsultancy announce new range of NAS products. please email sales@pcconsultancy.com for more information

November 2006 - Pcconsultancy complete new ICT suite at St Marys Convent, Worcester.

November 2006 - Pcconsultancy launch new Web Site.

November 2006 - Pcconsultancy approved as Intel Channel Partner.Intel® Channel Partner Program

December 2006 - Pcconsultancy becomes Kaspersky Accredited Partner.Kaspersky Lab: Antivirus Software and Free Online Virus Scan

December 2006 - Pcconsultancy complete next 45 Intel builds and 35 IBM server builds for Westwood.

December 2006 - Pcconsultancy announce 2 new VPN/teleworking solutions based on the popular USRobotics connectivity products. (see PDF for more info.)

January 2007 - Julian Silver explains House Keeping your Outlook and back-up strategy.           (see PDF for more info.)

March/April 2007 - Pcconsultancy complete data cable installation for Golder Associates at their new office in the City of London.

May 2007 - Golder Associates strike formal agreement for on-site support services from Pcconsultancy.

July 2007 - Sister company Croft Systems develop 1U ADSL modem and quad redundant power supply in conjunction with  

September 2007 - Pcconsultancy complete server and cable installation in new demonstration facility for  

September 2007 - Pcconsultancy complete fault tolerant SAN solution for Westwood Associates.

September 2007 - Pcconsultancy build further 131 Intel PCs for Westwood.

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